Software main goal is save time and simple user-friendly operation.

Auto Perfoming Action
1. Software automatically compacting database in every 10days.
[ menu | database | database manager | compact database ]
(It is recommended to use this feature manually after you delete a more contacts/tasks from the phonebook.)
2. The Auto Backup is performed at programe closing time. (If auto backup schedule is set on)
[menu | database | backup ]

Auto Search
Search contacts on each key stroke. Find the information you need with simple typing and an improved search that shows you search results while you type.

To change settings, you should select [ menu | utility | settings ]. Or Right click on the search button.

Advanced Search
It is also easy to use! Finding your information will be quicker and easier than ever before. Consistent operation interfaces for different features in this software make it simple to operate. You can use the following wildcard characters while specifying search parameters:
                   e.g. %J%SMITH
Set [All Fields] in search criteria (Find from numbers)
                   e.g. 98765

How to Import Multiple vCard (Mobile Contacts) Files?
1. Open command Prompt (click Start > Run, and type CMD to launch it).
2. Navigate to the folder where multiple vCard files are by entering CD "D:\documents", if the folder is your documents.
3. Enter command line: COPY *.vcf combined.vcf

Then after goto Active Phonebook Menu | Database | Import | Contacts | vCard File
Select combined.vcf and click import.

Connect Multiple Users
Software allows multiple users to access same data from different computers. multi user support is simply achievable by placing database file to a shared folder available through windows network.

[ Menu | Database | Database Manager ]
1. Create new database file OR copy/move your working database file at server/common used pc.
2. Click Open and select that new/working database file from other pc.
---> e.g path: \\ComputerName\Drive\FolderName\DataFileName.apb
---> e.g path: \\IPAddress\drive\folder\convphn.apb

Download   1.41MB

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Always inspiring.
the active phonebook with a heart! -Ravi (India)

I am enjoying using it.
i would say it is best PIM software, specially in my business work. -Jeff Campbell (Canada)

We are impressed.
simply one of the best we've seen. so impressed from your software, well done. -Dave Farera (UK)

System Requirements

CPU: 120MHz Or Above
RAM: 32MB RAM Or Above
Platform:XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
DiskSpace: 8MB
Rights: Administrator