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Thanks for making such a simple working, your bulk contacts import was better than the others I've seen.

Williamson K., Sunrise School, US

This software is saving my employees a lot of time.

Mariko Berzin, Pittsburgh

I have been searching for a softwere for a long time and it seems that my search will be over now. use of software has been better than I expected! looks like it will work well for me. thanks.

Richard Shank, Skyroof Products, Canada

It was very difficult for me to print the address stickers in my office according to its size, but the paper margin and labels resizing feature has solved the problem. Many thanks for the customized label printing feature in the phonebook.

Frederic A, Costa Rica

hi, the software works well, it is installed and running very quickly!!

Jeon Seong-guk, K-9 Yoga, S. Korea

,.. yr product is saving me time. thank you so much for the finesse of your creativity and the very reasonable prices!!! ( ' _ ' )

Saumay Shah, Sunfab Textile, India

Thanks for your prompt reply!!!!

Ryan Blake

keep it up> Gradually the product is getting a lot nicer and evolving. Likes to keep giving new version from time to time..

Joe Andrew Carscallen, Australia

From the heart this software is very nice...

David R. Baxter, Accord Water Systems, NZ

Thanks to the import part of the software, all my contacts (4200 & more) have been fully imported in less than a minute. The work is getting a lot easier than the excel sheet. It works great !! Nice !! Nice

Chris, RCR Corporation, Illinois